Book List 2020

"The man who doesn't read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them."

- Mark Twain

In 2020, I wanted to return to reading. 

For myself, for more knowledge and more importantly for new ideas.

"If you're not having good conversations, if you're not consuming quality ideas - then it hurts the rest of the system. So it all begins there. Where our outputs are a direct result of our inputs."

- David Perell

I started many other books, some as physical copies, some as ebooks - but these were the ones I finished because they resonated with me. Many of these were new to me, a few were not. But in these cases, as I often notice, I seem to find things that resonate in new ways.

While all these titles were worthwhile (and if you are curious about the parts I found most interesting, many of them in the list below are linked to individual posts), three of these titles in particular really stood out to me. To the point where they've had the sort of deep impact that causes you to have wished to come across them sooner...

These books were:

I'd highly suggest these books to anyone with an interest in business or product.

The rest of my list included:


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